Real simple
real estate.

Buying and selling, home styling and design—at Friday and Company, we do it all. We’ve spent the past two decades helping folks like you find - and reimagine - over 1,000 dream homes.

Working with Friday is simple because you never have to ask “is this included?”. We take care of everything from start to finish - this is how we’ve always done it because how something is done makes a difference.

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We get
each other.

That’s us — Calle and Nicole. As co-founders of Friday and Company, we work directly with every client. That’s because we’re passionate about our work, each other, and helping create the happiest homes in Portland.

More than just a house - salishan photo

More than
just a house.

While our day job is helping you buy or sell that dream home, our all-the-time job is being a part of our community. Focusing on the people and world around us. Forming relationships with our clients, collaborating with local craftspeople, and planting a tree for each home we sell...it’s all in a days “work”.