Isla kissing Mio

We all love a good story, and here at Friday and Company we’ve been featured in a few. Check out our paper trail...


Friday featured on the cover of Real Producers magazine


Property Watch: The Only Red Brick Townhouses in Oregon

Staged and listed by Friday, and featured in Portland Monthly.

”A rare local version of an East Coast brownstone, with preserved old-growth woodwork, stained glass, and a custom kitchen in Northwest Portland”


Friday featured on KGW8

Well, at least our For Sale sign was.

Are we really keeping the housing market tight? We don’t think so, even though this particular house was listed at $875,000 and sold for $1M.


AA-frame breaks the internet

Something about our social media campaign worked and the house got featured on sites such as A-Frame Dreams and Circa Old Houses.


High five to team Friday

Calle ranks in top 100 of real estate *teams* in Portland.


The new role of the real estate agent

Calle interviewed by Portland Monthly.


Tips from Friday for tasteful holiday decor

Nicole featured in the Oregonian.


The Atrium House featured in The Oregonian

Friday and Company's trophy listing The Atrium House is featured in The Oregonian.


Real estate staging podcast

Listen to the ins and outs and ups and downs of “Real Estate Staging”, an interview with our very own Nicole Wear.


HGTV tour!

Tour our 1,400 square foot Portland bungalow with Cali-Scandinavian vibes as featured on HGTV.


Apartment therapy bungalow feature

Apartment Therapy featured our “Swedish Bungalow” as a totally adorable DYI - a space we love to live in.


Hex-tile-tastic bathroom remodel

Our stunning, small-scale bathroom remodel - here’s how to make the hardest-working room in the house work.