house & hemma

House & hemma.

Design is one of our passions, so it’s included in every real estate project. Staging, styling and renovation add value, that “it” factor, and make a house feel like a home.

We style homes to feel cohesive, personal, and expressive—the kind of place where you’ll love the little things, like brushing your teeth and hosting Game Night.


Design services are included for every real estate client.




Transforming interiors has been a lifelong love affair and is now my daily professional passion. My design style is texture-rich, family-friendly and inviting…all with a light, bright Scandinavian feel.


for Sellers

Concierge Service
We do the hard work that goes into making a home shine before sale, including contracting labor and project management.


The difference between a “property” and a “home” is a buyer’s emotional attachment; creating that attachment could equate to thousands of extra dollars in your pocket. Our staging experience determines what should be done to make your home appeal to a vast pool of buyers and create that essential emotional attachment.

Making a good first impression is key, so we focus on creating great photos and marketing for your home to showcase it 110% online and in person.


for Buyers

Spotting Potential
Seeing beyond the current state to the future possibilities of a home is our sixth sense, just get ready to hear “what if...”.

Expert Advice
Simple suggestions and design advice prior to purchase can help you make the best home buying decision for you. You can always ask us “what if...”

We Shoot 'em Down
Not every house is a great investment. We have no issues shooting down properties that aren't a good match or a good investment. We want you to be happy, proud and safe in your new home.


Looking good!