Real Estate

We do the opposite of phoning it in, and personally manage every step of the sale process from envisioning your home’s best selfie to coordinating contractors. Let us take care of everything stressful about putting a house on the market.


from A to Ö.

Cookie cutter ideas and shortcuts are not our vibe.
To prove it we made this list:

  • We believe in personality-filled and design focused staging
  • We manage the entire pre-listing process
  • We coordinate painters, cleaners, and landscapers
  • We have a tried & true moving crew to do all the heavy lifting
  • We use a trusted small group of vendors (we call them our Fab Five)
  • We only do work that gives a return on investement
  • We have tough conversations about what needs to be done to get the most out of the sale

Perfectly styled.

Choosing where to put effort and emphasis lets your home shine while getting the most out of the styling process. Here are just a few examples of our personalized staging decisions.